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olden potato salad with truffle oil and arugula

Golden Potato Salad with Truffle Oil and Arugula

  • Author: Sharilyn
  • Total Time: 17 minutes


This Golden Potato Salad with Truffle oil and Arugula is such a delicious and unique version of a classic cookout side dish. 



     1.6 lbs golden potatoes ( 4 medium-sized golden potatoes, measuring about 3 inches long)

1 cup arugula, roughly chopped

2 teaspoons black truffle extra virgin olive oil

1 large clove garlic, grated

3/4 teaspoon mustard seed (grinding is optional)

1/3 cup mayo

1 teaspoon salt (sea salt or Kosher)

1/4 teaspoon pepper


  1. Complete all necessary prepwork-chop arugula, grate garlic, chop potatoes and grind mustard seed if desired. Make sure the potatoes are chopped in even cubes. Boil a large pot of water. Once the water is boiling, add the potatoes and boil for 10-12 minutes; drain with a colander and set aside. 
  2. Using a large mixing bowl, combine salt, pepper, arugula, mustard seed, garlic, mayonnaise, and truffle oil until fully incorporated. Chill for 2 hours. Remove from refrigerator half an hour before serving. 
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 12 minutes